Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Redheaded Bunting

Red Headed Bunting=== In Hindi ( Gandam ) the bird is a winter Visitor From Oct- March April. The size of sparrow, beak like Munia and less sighting makes difficult to distinguish it in a group of Baya, Munia.   I was also surprised to see the color on its breast and head, thought something wrong with my eyes. Luckliy I could take 2 Shots and on return checked it in books and internet. The last record of sighting this bird is of 2003- 2004.  I will again try to search this bird in Delhi.==== This is a lifer for this season and Year. Red headed bunting like to search food in open- Cultivated field near water-bodies , rivera Passage migrant (winter.  ), Nesting in Central Asia. The beak is conical, the head is reddish colored ( Male ) . Very difficult to identify female Red headed bunting. === Photo 11 th April 2015, Yamuna Bank village Jagatpur near Yamuna bio diversity Park , Delhi

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