Sunday, November 16, 2014

Black Ibis

 Black Ibis---- a bird can be easily identified by its  peculiar beak , which is used to search feed in wet-land or grass land . Nesting on high trees.  I have seen it near Dwarka, Yamuna Bio Diversity, Rajghat  but I was surprised when my friend Vijender singh informed me that Three Ibis has made Resting place near Indra Gandhi Museaum , Safdarjung lane . Probably the Grassland of Safdarjung Aero drum, Lodhi Garden is suitable for feed and Nesting place of Tall Trees in Akbar Road, Safdarjung Lane, Tugkak Road is liked by them.  Many Tourist also took photo . Hope to see again and again in nearby. ==== Photo 14th Nov 2014, New Delhi

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